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How to start the 'Safe Mode' in Windows 8

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many users have found that when you boot your computer with Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 has no effect pressing F8 or F2 to enter the menu from which to boot into safe mode (mode 'Failsafe' in XP) or any other integrated recovery system. Fortunately, it is possible to reset the computer to enable this mode, even fails to start the operating system.
What is safe mode?
For practical purposes, the safe mode makes Windows boot without charge most drivers and secondary controllers and third, booting with minimal elements in order to access the operating system without errors or conflicts that we want to solve is causing . Without going any further, the best way to analyze the system with a virus or other malware program to analyze it through this mode because they hide so we avoided being memory resident for having initiated during normal startup.
How to start Safe Mode in Windows 8
  • We access 'PC Settings', either by writing directly on the Metro menu or moving your mouse over the right side of the screen by pressing the Settings icon and checking the bottom item of the same name.
  • Now we access and Retrieve Update> Recovery and Section Home Advanced click Restart Now.
  • Alternative option (1): Let down the shift key while you click on the traditional option to restart Windows.
  • Alternative option (2): Accessing the System Configuration menu with msconfig can force the Safe Mode from the Startup tab Start by checking the box foolproof.
  • The system is reset, and after a while the system maintenance menu appears. From there, navigate through menus via Troubleshooting> Advanced> Startup Settings> Reset.
  • Restarting the startup configuration menu appears to us. Safe Mode with Networking is the most common option for resolving errors because it prevents charge most drivers and drivers but maintains the Internet in order to find an online solution to our problem or allow our programs heuristic analysis be updated correctly.
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