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How to fix "Google still does not work"  on Android

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About 2 days ago I updated the latest Android 9.0 P beta available for the Google Pixel 2 XL, and since then I get an error message or alert that says "Google still does not work". What accompany you 3 possible options that are as you see in the image that I share: information of the application, close the application and send suggestions. But what to do? How is it solved?

Solution Google still does not work

If you see that after updating your smartphone or suddenly you get an error message every time saying 'Google is still not working', refers to the Google application, which has this name and you'll find in the list of applications .


I already advance you that it is not solved by restarting the mobile. I did it 2 times and it did not help (because the error kept coming out). But in this case, or at least in my case, it should be after updating to the latest beta of Android 9.0 in Pixel 2 XL, although I could get away with anything else.

But the solution to Google still does not work on Android is the one I show you below. Step by step you have to do this:

  • Go to Applications
  • Search for the 'Google' app
  • Click on 'Force Stop'
  • Click on 'Disable'

Do not be afraid of the messages that come out, because it will tell you that you will lose all the data and so on. But there is no other way to solve it and you will see that nothing happens. So click on force stop and disable the Google app to fix it. This what it does is reinstall the original factory app, so that it works.

Once you do it, you will see that you can use Google again (where the news and other cards are shown to you) and that you no longer see the alert or error message. And so it will have been solved.

Sometimes it can be fixed when there is a new update available from the Google app in the Google Play Store. But in this case there was not. So if you want you can check it to see if it is solved by updating.

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