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After having the phone already configured with everything I need, now I'm going to try Ok Google and it's not going

I try to configure it and when activating the option "access with Voice match" it is about connecting to I do not know what and I skip a message:
Connection problem
Check your connection and try again

I give "try again" and there is no way

Any suggestions
Thank you

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If you already tried several things and nothing works, what worked for me is to erase all the Google settings. This you do looking for the application that is called Google only, then you go into storage and you give "delete cache" and then enter "admin. store. "And there you give" to erase Google search data "and then" delete all data. " This will reset all the Google settings on your computer, including Google Voice, but it is again configurable without problems.

I hope you serve, greetings.

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it works
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