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I can not install anything with the recovery mode

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If when trying to install a zip we have a canceled installation that tells us that it has not been able to open the file root.zip, we will have to download the zip correctly and try again with the correct file.

If the problem is that the SD card corrupts the files, we should format it or even replace it with another one to see if the problem is in the card itself.

If even with a new card the problem persists, the failure could be in a badly installed, corrupt or old version of the recovery, for which we should install a current standard recovery (TWRP, CWM) using Fastboot.

If unfortunately the problem is still there, the problem will surely lie in the recovery partition, for which we should install an UPDATE.APP.

For everything else, technical service.

These are just some of the problems that we can find and some possible solutions. Although we hope that none of you have had any problems, if unfortunately you did, tell us your experience.

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