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I cry a week ago my cellphone A 5s iphone 16gb I enter recovery mode and nothing comes, and try to restore from my mac and pulls me Error 3014 try from windows and pulls me countless mistakes, I dropped about 12 firmware for iPhone 5s to restore from version 7.1.2 to version 8.4 to restore and tells me that is not compatible with the version you requested and have intentanto with all TinyUmbrella versions for both mac and windows and nothing melo not recognize please help

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could restore my iPhone mistake me strip 21 after consulting tell me it's about the file hosts from my mac I donot what else to do

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Error 3004 iTunes solution

Let's MY PC
Hard Drive C: //
Windows folder
A System32 folder
and locate the hosts file and remove
Download the following file hosts
Copy it to the same folder where you remove the old one.
With this we solved this problem and we can again enjoy your version of iTunes. This solution is also applicable for error 3014 in iTunes.
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