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Please see if someone could help me.

When updating my iphone IOS 5 to 7 gave the error 4005 and he stayed in recovery mode, with the logo to connect to itunes on the screen permanently.

When connected to the USB ports on the computer shows me the windows message "USB Device Not Recognized" and iTunes does not recognize me.

I tried all that and I've read but I can not restore the phone to use it.

Thank you very much for the help in advance.


  • what to do when receiving error 4005 from iphone?
  • how to get iphone out of recovery mode?

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do these two things and features:
reinstall itunes
deleted from your computer 'Apple Mobile Device Support'.

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I did what you say and follow the same way. When I connect with usb cable windows message of "wrong usb device" logo screen to connect to iTunes and iTunes does not recognize it ...

Any other ideas? thank you very much
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change USB port, if you are using a desktop computer using the rear ports.

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Nothing ever tasted in all ports and still the same. It is a laptop. Thank you.
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try a different computer,

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