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I was charging my phone s6 turned off when it was unplugged and it was turning on this lock on the logo does not pass from there I thought that by waiting a while longer it will bounce to finish turning on but nothing happened try to turn it off but it does not pass the logo so no it can be turned off or anything and the battery can not be removed.
What do I do to make it work again? Why did I get stuck when I turned it on? WHAT CAN I DO?

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Hello , press at the same time and without releasing the power button and the volume down button for about 7 seconds and your phone will reboot only. It is what is called a soft reset. It is a combination of keys that has your S6 to be a single piece and can not remove the battery.
Do it to see if you want to start normally.
You tell us
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if it worked, thank you very much for the help and it worked again as before
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Hi. I have the samsung s6 edge plus and I get the samsung logo all the time but it does not start. I give the power key and the volume down but nothing. it reboots but it still does not pass the samsung logo. and it takes a lot of hours like that. What I can do?
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for what is this?? It happened to me the same. But why does this happen???
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Hi, Youth, could you solve it?
From one moment to the next my cel restarted and got stuck in the initial logo. I do the soft reset and it stays stuck there again.
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Press Volume down + Home + on for a few seconds
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