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I was charging my phone s6 turned off when it was unplugged and it was turning on this lock on the logo does not pass from there I thought that by waiting a while longer it will bounce to finish turning on but nothing happened try to turn it off but it does not pass the logo so no it can be turned off or anything and the battery can not be removed.
What do I do to make it work again? Why did I get stuck when I turned it on? WHAT DO I DO?

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My Samsung Galaxy S6 edge stayed in the logo

This problem more than anything is a software error or operating system which mainly affects the Android Bootload which at the beginning is stuck in the logo all the time without starting the Android operating system.

To solve this problem there are different forms and methods, since as it is an operating system problem, we will hardly have access so it is always recommended to have a backup in the cloud of our photos or important files since we do not know when this problem may occur on the cell phone

However you can connect it to the PC and rescue as many things as we have in it, for this connect with the USB cable and if possible use Smart Switch to answer everything that is one of the best apps.

After this we need to enter the recovery mode of Samsung S6 edge for this, turn off the phone completely and press the following buttons: Volume up + Home + On, as soon as the device turns on, you just release the power button and then the the rest.

Within the Recovery of S6 edge we will see several options so with the volume buttons you will have to go up and down and to enter the option you will simply use the On button.

Samsung S6 stays in logo

Go down to the option called "Wipe data / factory reset" and press the power button where an alert will appear and you must select Yes.

Once this process finishes, it will send us to the main menu again where you should choose the first option that says "Reboot system now".

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