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a friend of mine left a ratp his s6 and at the time the led was lit in blue, but trying to turn it on does not turn on the screen, try to send whatapps messages and call but not let enter. What I can do?

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I got it started by downloading and canceling it, someone knows why it was stup? It is not a root user and does not change much (you have the factory launcher you can get an idea: v)

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Good morning friend. I have the same problem. You could explain how you entered in download.
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  • Turn off your computer completely and wait about 10 seconds to be sure.
  • At the same time press the following keys: Volume Down + Start + On.
  • Do not let go until a blue screen appears, Welcome to "download mode" or "service mode" from

after that or if before you see a warning something like: Are you about to enter download mode, Cancel or continue? you give cancel

Although if you want you can try first entering in recovery mode and restarting:

  1. Turn off your device
  2. Press Start button, Power off and volume up
  3. Once inside remember that you move with the volume buttons and accept with the off
  4. Now give the option that says: Reboot system now, this will cause the computer to start normally
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How am I sure my device is turned off?

My device only the celestial light pulls, I followed the steps and nothing, I do not know how is the thing
Thanks for your help
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