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How to remove the sound of the keyboard on an Android mobile

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The sound of the keyboard can be removed in any Android phone, and the only difference between one manufacturer and another lies in the procedure that must be followed to reach this option. Therefore, what we are going to explain are two different procedures that have been tested on mobile phones from such popular companies as Samsung, Sony, Huawei or LG.


  • We enter the Settings app on our smartphone. Remove sound from the keyboard on Android
  • Click on the section "Sound and notification" (or "Sounds and notifications").


  • Now, we look for a section with the name of "Other sounds" or "Melodies and sounds".
  • Once inside that section, the only thing left for us to do is find the corresponding option to the keyboard. "Keyboard tones" or "Keyboard sound" are the names under which this option normally appears, and to deactivate the keyboard sound we simply have to make sure that both the sound option and the vibration option are turned off.

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