Reinstall the system of our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

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Reinstall the system of our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

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To restore the entire system of our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch first thing we do is download the IPSW file from Apple's servers.
It is very important that you use the right and the version according to your device if you're not clear at some point do not hesitate to contact us. To check the device we have, in the back of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is a code, similar to that we show in the following image. With this code you can check the type of device that you own on this website.
identify the model of iphone to download the IPSW file
With the downloaded file, and the latest available version of iOS, proceed to restore the system completely. Let's see step by step.
Step 1. On the computer run the iTunes program, it is important to make sure we have the latest possible version. When we open iTunes can go to the settings tab of the device.
We light iTunes on your computer
Step 2. We connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with an original Apple USB cable, and the system will recognize, as shown in the picture.
We connect the iPhone or iPod to your computer with iTunes on cable and
Step 3. We ensure qeu is not active program blocking Find My iPhone.
If the device has activated lock that provides the program Find My iPhone, iPad or iPod touch us warn you that you can not restore the system until it stops running.
If we activate Find My iPhone iPad or iPod Touch will not leave
To turn it off we go to Settings -> iCloud -> Find My iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, give the selector.
Let's settings and disable iCloud Find My iPhone iPad iPod TouchAl give the switch to deactivate it will ask the key to our iCloud
Will ask the key to desactivarloAl enter, click on Disable, and will free the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch free so we can restore it.
Once deactivated Find my iPhone iPad iPod Touch you can restore the sistemaCon that we will have free reign to restore the device.
Step 4. We press the button iPad Resturar while holding down the SHIFT button on the keyboard.
shift key
Pressing SHIFT and Restore system we request the file
Step 5. A window we select the IPSW file you want to use opens. We locate in the computer, and once we confirm that we comply with the restoration, begins the process of complete re-installation of the system.
Pressing SHIFT while we restore
Step 6. quietly hope that the process can take about 10-15 minutes, and have the device as new.

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