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how to force DFU Mode on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

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This mode is especially useful when you want to restore the firmware or iOS system our system, or by a problem that we had with JailBreak or that we've been hanging the system and not be able to access it. 
To force DFU mode will need to follow these steps: 
1. Connect the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch to your computer via the USB port 
2. Start iTunes if it does not start automatically. It is important to always have the latest version of iTunes unless otherwise stated. 
3. Shut pressed the button and the Home button for 10 seconds, the time we press the left and pressed those 10 seconds. 
4. After 10 seconds before we release the Off button, but keep holding the Home button. 
5. If you have followed the steps, the terminal will go to DFU mode and iTunes will automatically recognize it. 
Any questions about the process, please leave a comment.

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