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How to access my Hotmail email from another computer

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In order to move beyond the Internet connection itself, we need the browser. Usually all computers already come with a built-in browser and in most cases usually Internet Explorer. We will recognize that is an icon of a letter and lowercase blue surrounded by a yellow band.
Another very common is the Mozilla Firefox whose icon is an orange fox around a blue sphere. There are also other very famous as Google Chrome, whose icon is a green and yellow on the outside red sphere fragmented into 4 parts, and a blue circle inside. We will look for these icons on the desktop first. They can also be part of the taskbar or be in the start menu.
Once you have located the computer browser, you click on its icon. We will open a page, no matter whatever.
At the top we see an address, usually starting with http: // and then the rest of the address. We'll get there: hotmail.com
That will lead us to the place where we can login our Hotmail using your username and password from a different computer to ours.

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