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1- Go to the " C" drive , navigating to "Start" menu , select " My Computer" and click on C. The " C" drive has a file that contains the events out of history .
Search your drive "C " index.dat files . These log files have the use of the computer and recently opened files in it. They do not fade or whenever a browser history or Internet history is deleted. Alternatively , go to the "Start" menu and enter in the search box " index.dat " (without quotes) as the file you want to locate.
Download and install Index.dat reader . This is not simply a text file . You need a special reader to view your browsing history that may have been deleted . Many people use SuperWinSpy ( softwarepatch.com / software / indexdat.html ) . However, some believe it is infected. Treat every program you download to read carefully the index.dat files that contain your browsing history .

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