How to trace an email that comes from Facebook

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How to trace an email that comes from Facebook

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Launch your email application .
Click and highlight the folder " Check " to find the email account you want to see .
Double-click on the email you want to trace back to Facebook to open it. In Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail , select " Properties" from the menu of the message and click the "Details" tab. In Yahoo! Mail , click on the message and select " View Full Header " from the context menu. This will open the header information email at the top section of the message or in a separate dialog box , depending on the email application .
Displays the monitoring and reporting of the source route in the header of the email . The Internet Protocol address from Facebook as well as the user name and the email address found in the section " Authentication results " in the header. If the email address of the sender it ends in "@ " , then you know that the email was sent from Facebook .

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