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Hi, I have a camera IP Easy Home Sentinel and do not know how to configure FTP, so you can send picture or video is not that type of user has to be and FTP Server. 
I also happen with SMTP (mail service) which is not the sender, I guess it must be an address of the camera but do not know which es.Receptor understand it is my address, in this case I have a gmail account. SMTP server must be, I suppose, the account of the sender. and finally Protocol Security: None, TLS, STARTTLS. 
If someone on the forum knows and can give me a little help, thank you very much.

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And what model is it? 
What have you read the manual? 
What have you researched on page provider? 
What have you researched the internet looking for the model followed by FTP or SMTP if it really allows those options? 
Look at your query and then fijate if it really is clear that they can guide you.

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Data from the camera as I have indicated, the manual goes: 
Easy Home Sentinel (Best Buy Computer Products) // User Manual 
2.5 Mail and FTP Service 
Note: When Alarm Service Configuration -> Send Mail 
Alarm to occur is checked, the mail notification service 
take effect. 
Configure e-mail to receive and send emails. The E-Mail 
used to receive images sent when producing a 
alarm and communication through the IP address of the system works 
Sender: This device uses the send tray to process 
to send emails. Consignee or Receiver: To receive mail 
sender. You can set up to 4 different mailbox addresses. 
SMTP Server: The SMTP server to the sender's mailbox. 
Need Authentication: if the sender mailbox need authentication, 
must activate the option and then enter the name 
SMTP username and password. 
Test mail: Please set the Mail settings 
and give a click on the supply option (Submit) first. You can check 
if everything works properly through an email message 
1 Can not connect to server 
2 Network error. Please try again later 
3 Error Server 
Password 4 or incorrect user 
5 The sender is blocked by the server. Maybe the server needs 
authenticate the user, please check it and make another attempt. 
Using the FTP Server and Configuration 
If you already have a FTP and email server, you can pass 
to configure the following parameters. 
1 FTP Server Configuration of the IP camera. 
2 If the configuration and the test is completed successfully when, occur 
an alarm, IP camera will upload images to FTP server 
configured as a directory path (as shown below). 
FTP server: The FTP server address. 
FTP Port: The port is usually 21. 
FTP Mode: Supports standard mode (POST) and passive mode 
Upload Image Now: It will load an image at the time when 
mode is not enabled. When enabled you can upload images 
a certain interval of time (seconds). 
Thank you, Regards
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Well, you've got reason not model because it is just a name of a Chinese IP camera. 
Watching brief manual. 
You must configure the SMTP and FTP site using the IP and port you assigned to the camera, then select the browser and already in, log in as administrator where the username / password by default. 
You being an administrator, you'll Setting Mail Service and the first field Sender, you must put a valid email yours. In receptors that can be up to 3, e must be valid where it will send mail on alarm. OJO here can be just one but allows up to 3 and you can use the same you put in yours Sender or Sender. 
In SMTP Server, you can simply data that allows your SMTP mail server and port is usually 25. 
SMTP User and SMTP Password is your username and password you put in Sender to validate that the email exists and is valid your username and password. 
With that you got set up your data if you placed well. 
With FTP, you must have a mail server on your computer or the computer that is sending what to record. 
If you do not have a mail server, you will not be able to use this option and must first find a program like Filezilla Server, install it, configure it, create a user and with that we would have a FTP server to pass data to the camera. 
No, but I see the steps in the manual is quite clear and all that I have written to you, this put there step by step. 
It is important to read the manual well and if you're reading the box that brings the product may not be complete so that the download link on the left Lauser
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Thank you very much, greetings.
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