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How to track the activity of a Facebook account by IP address like Gmail


what is facebook current session IP address

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Gmail offers all users a detailed log of recent account activity showing access type, date, location, and IP address. From the record, you can leave any active session. Like Gmail, Facebook also gives users the ability to track active sessions by location and IP address. This service is very useful if you forget to log out of your Facebook account from a different computer or suspected unauthorized access to the account.
Go to Facebook and access your account. 
Click Settings in the drop down menu at the top right and select "Account Settings." 
Click "Security" and then click "Edit" next to "Active Sessions". A list of active sessions, starting with your current login at the top appears. If you have active sessions connected to other devices, they will also be displayed along with a link to "Finish activity" if you wish to leave other active sessions. 
Place your mouse pointer town that appears in the "Location" section of an active session to see the IP address associated envelope. After a second, a reporting tool showing the IP address will appear.
It works! I can track facebook login activity by ip, thanks
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