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How to resolve the sslcertificate error

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This error is the same as "This connection is not verified" may also be that it says "The security certificate of the site is not trustworthy", since depending on the browser you are using will present a different error, but it is for the Same cause.

In most cases this error is because you have the time or the date of your computer misconfigured, since if the time of the server does not match the one of your computer you can have this error, for that reason also you will not be able to accede To many web pages on the Internet so you have to check that part first of all by right clicking on the bottom of your screen. If that way does not solve the problem or you already have the time correctly configured on your computer try another browser to rule out the probability that it is not a problem of your browser.

If the above steps do not solve the problem, you may have to install a security certificate on your computer or the server you are trying to connect to is the one that needs to have that information installed or configured. Test from another computer and from another Internet service, if from another PC and from another Internet service you have the same problem means that the problem is the server, and in this case to access the site just click on:

  • "Keep going anyway" if you're using Google Chrome,
  • "I understand the risks-> Add to Exception-> OK" If you are using Mozilla Firefox
  • "Go to this website (not recommended)" if you are using Internet Explorer
  • "Click Continue" if you're using Apple Safari
  • "Click OK" if you are using Opera
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