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How to Resolve the installation error in the .NET Framework 4 

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Hello friends!
It is the first time I will post a tip FOR Windows.
I installed the trial version of 3D Studio Max and I had problems with the .net framework installation 4. Since the error was generic decided to download the installer from the Microsoft site and to install it, I got the following error message:
Windows 7 64 bit
Fresh window installation in any patch installed yet (failed to install)
In anit-virus program
Exact step (I tried several times):
(1) reinstall windows 7 recovery disk using
(2) download .Net 4.0 (Actually any update fails, but it's easier to find links for .Net 4.0), install it
(3) installation failure HRESULT: 0xc8000222
(4) log file for .Net 4.0:
OS Version = 6.1.7600, Platform 2
OS Description = Windows 7 - x64
CommandLine = C: \ 98df338324089f1141 \\ setup.exe / x86 / x64
Using Simultaneous Download and Install mechanism
Operation: Installing
Package Name = Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Setup
Package Version = 4.0.30319
Number of applicable items: 11
User Experience Data Collection Policy: Disabled
Exe (C: \ 98df338324089f1141 \ SetupUtility.exe) succeeded.
Exe Log File: dd_SetupUtility.txt
ServiceControl operation succeeded!
ServiceControl operation succeeded!
Exe (C: \ 98df338324089f1141 \ Windows6.1-KB958488-v6001-x64.msu) failed with 0xc8000222 - (null).
Final Result: Installation failed with error code: (0xC8000222) (Elapsed time: 0 00:00:06)....
This is not exactly the message I got, but it's very similar. I copied the site I used as reference. I could not get the original message because only thought about doing a post about it after having solved the problem. = D
With the message code in hand, searched and found a solution. As it can not be followed to the letter, adapted to the missing details:
This behavior can occur if the temporary folder of Windows Update has been corrupted. We can follow the following steps to rename this folder. Please make sure that the folder was created when you visit the Windows Update site again.
1. Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories. Right click on the Command Prompt icon (something like the Linux terminal) and click on "Run as administrator". The commands to be typed then need administrator permission and do not do so will not run them. You will receive the following error terminal:
With the Command Prompt in Administrator mode, type the following command PARAparar the Windows Update service:
net stop wuauserv
2. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the Windows folder, find the SoftwareDistribution folder.
3. Rename this TO to something like SDold.
4. Type the command to start the Windows Update service again:
net start wuauserv
Now you can try again to install the .net framework 4. In my case, I managed to install 3d Studio Max directly after performing the steps above.


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Thank you Brother ... perfect .. gave just right here! =)
Was great and valuable help!
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Thank you very much. Solved my .NET 4.0 installation problem
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nice! thanks! works perfectly!

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ok! I’m glad to help.
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That'S Perfect !!!! had already tried everything but to no avail, with your solution worked, THANKS ..
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Thank you Brother ... perfect .. gave just right here! =)
Was great and valuable help!
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