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How to resolve "error while parsing the package" on Android smartphones and tablets

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Through the experience accumulated over time, we could analyze, through research, that this problem related to the analysis of the package, does not appear on all phones with Android operating system, in fact, we can say with certainty, that the problem It is presented in most cases, especially when the device in question was mounted the latest release of Android, or Jellybean and Kitkat.

On all devices that run instead with an Android version previous to those we have mentioned earlier, the phenomenon that prevents the installation of any application on the phone is almost absent.

If your cell phone so it is the latest generation and does not allow the proper operation and installation of packages you want, try changing device if you have the chance, as on many other phones, it is not completely up to date in terms of safety, allow to be able to circumvent the problem of the error when parsing the package, which is used on many others at this time.

This could be referred to as the more traditional method and drastic to solve such a problem, but it seems that it is also available another tip that will allow you to not rack your brains too much behind this obstacle that occurs only on Android. See below in the next paragraph of that process we are talking about.

The process that we have been anticipating briefly above is the so-called factory reset; this option is available on all Android phones because it is a way to completely format your smartphone or tablet in case the latter is crowded with applications or present a large number of problems that could not be solve individually and then this It was the only efficient solution.

This function in fact, just as presented in the description of this feature, you will have the chance to bring back your phone to its original factory settings, or as if the device had just been produced and turned on for the first time.

This small system will also allow you to solve the problem temporarily subject of this article, in fact, try to first install the application you want, if then comes the fateful writing that does not allow you in any way we can move forward with the installation then you can only carry out the so-called factory reset, you can return it so the device to the default settings.

How do I factory reset on all Android phones? Very simple. Just go into the settings of your phone and then go in the backup and recovery and so select the option we are talking about in this section and you're done.

After the restoration is complete, you can safely install the application that previously gave you trouble, and you will see that now will spin smoothly; the only side effect of this method is the fact that by doing so, you will lose all applications, contacts, and any customized settings that you had previously stored.

The only way to recover any sensitive data that you had entered before the restoration, is to re-synchronize your Gmail account and that will allow you to take all the numbers you stored in sync on this account and the same speech also it applies to the applications.

Both methods presented in this article are functioning and are to be used, given the consequences, only in cases where the application you want to use is paramount; Tecnoyouth of us we do not assume any responsibility for any damage to the device and the user decided to use this guide takes charge of all the responsibility of the case

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