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  1. Enter a 'Contacts' and select the contact you want to assign a ringtone
  2. Once the contact to assign the ringtone, click the "Edit" option selected
  3. You will see that a number of options that is one that says "More" and has an arrow pointing down, indicating that saves another set of options to modify inside open. Click on the arrow to unfold.
  4. Slide down until these additional options to find a call "Melody". Select.
  5. It will open again the list of all the melodies are preset on your smart phone, down to the bottom of the list for you to get the "Add melody" option.
  6. Now as it was explained in the previous case, select the song or sound you want to assign to this contact.
  7. Ready! When this contact calls you, the song or ringtone you assigned will be heard ... And you'll know whether or not to remove the phone from the pocket or bag to care who's calling.

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