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how to mark Mark as spam mail from a contact on Outlook.com 

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For some users may seem strange the option to mark as spam mail from a contact Outlook.com. However, the system enables us to take such action but warns indicate when spam mail as a contact. 
Mark as spam mail from a contact Outlook.com 
Actually this option should be used in very specific cases where we notice some strange behavior from regular contact and, indeed, the case of a spam. Then we will know more about this feature and how to use them when we are working on Outlook.com. 
Options to flag as spam mail from a contact Outlook.com 
The options we will receive the report as spam mail contact Outlook.com can be confusing if it is not an experienced user. Unlike what usually happens where the message is sent to the spam folder without further questioning, here be necessary to indicate some additional options. 
To start receive an onscreen message that warns us that we are sending a spam report on a particular sender. This allows us to remove it from the contacts list and block future messages from that mailbox. 
We can also specify if we consider that the mailbox of our contact has been hacked. We will see how to use these options below. 
Marking as spam mail from a contact Outlook.com 
To report spam mail from a contact Outlook.com must, first, identify the message. Once ready it or enter to select it. 
Be arranged at different top bar regarding this email options. It will select "Junk". 
Then receive a new screen that asks us a new confirmation. If the account has been hacked select the option "I think hacked account this person." We may also choose to "maintain contact" or "delete and block contacts." 
Either option will result in the message is classified as spam. The difference will be in the seriousness of it and if we want to keep or delete the contact from our agenda. 
In this way we can report as spam mail contact Outlook.com whenever the situation warrants it and we believe it is necessary to take such action.

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