How to solve s5 "unfortunately contacts has stopped"

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asked Jul 7, 2014 in Android by sada (11,910 points)

How to solve s5 "unfortunately contacts has stopped"?

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answered Jul 7, 2014 by osky (127,200 points)

. Clear Cache and Data

Try clearing the temporary storage area of your Contacts using these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Proceed to Application Manager
  • Select the All tab
  • Choose Contacts
  • Tap Clear Cache

Selecting Clear Data is optional since this will erase all the changes that you have made to some of your Phone app’s settings but it may solve the problem based on some users who have tried it.

  • Go back to the previous menu and choose Phone
  • Tap Clear Cache and Clear Data

2. Change Date Format

  • Go to Settings
  • Select More
  • Under Date and Time, change the format to 24 hours

3. Delete Rogue Apps

Start your phone under Safe Mode, observe if the problem occurs. If not, there is probably a third-party app causing the bug. Exit Safe Mode and try to recall the most recent app that you have installed prior to the problem. Disable it for a while to test whether the error still comes out.

4. Factory Reset


for more details you can find

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answered Mar 27, 2015 by anonymous
Nothing, everything that is not initialized will not let me run, I got a sim and micro SD, I restarted and nothing. It's giving me some time ago problems with contacts, tells me that the application is restarted or something similar and give to accept and point, but it got me pissed off topic. I love the look of Android Lollipop, but Kitkat not give me any problems, and this is already starting to touch me a little eggs. Initialize I would not, because I have already such a mess of photos, which I have on the phone and that have in the computer, which again makes me reorganize everything amazing coñazo also do not know how I do, I always lose something in the process, though I no longer remains no option. Nor is it certain that initializing will work. Maybe when you update to 5.0.1 suddenly fix automatically, just as screwed up, but I'll have to wait until then.Anyway, as continues, passing me in the end I see the iPhone 6 .
commented Mar 27, 2015 by anonymous
Good! If you do not want to reset it then I recommend goals by Odin the last ROM that has come out in UK (BOB9 if I'm not mistaken) where people say they have solved many bugs in addition to re-enter the mode without sound (Hallelujah! ). Hopefully soon we upgrade to 5.0.2 (or 5.1, by ordering haha). With regard to what the message "Contacts has stopped" is a general problem that occurred following the last update Whatsapp in our Galaxy S5 with Lollipop. It is a problem of implementation, and also assume you've probably noticed that goes 'as the ass', stumbled and others. The only thing left is to wait for the happy update application. Regards, and do not overdo 'the dark side' !!
commented Apr 5, 2015 by anonymous
disabled Google plus on my galaxy s4 and it works perfectly
commented Apr 14, 2015 by anonymous
Yay that worked for me!!! Thank you so much!
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answered Mar 31, 2015 by anonymous
Even after a FACTORY RESET - I get the same message on my S5 with Lollipop. NEVER EVER seen that with Kit Kat
commented Apr 5, 2015 by anonymous
i am having same issues. but now it is EVERYTHING! Things I have never even heard of before, Like mirror-something. I am doing another factory reset, and during the reset it says Google play has stopped working! WTH?
Any one have any advice? (besides what is already written)
commented Apr 5, 2015 by osky (127,200 points)
Did you try disable google+ plus
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