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Fake GPS not working in Pokemon GO

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Google Play ily has a wide variety of applications of all types, well today we bring to Phone Arena Fake GPS Location Spoofer, its main function is to simulate a fake site that we can choose.

Fake GPS Location


here is the guide with images to make things easier.

Step 1

First, go to "Settings"> "About phone" and click "Build number" until the "Advanced" activation.Once activated, we go to access it, search for "Allow mock locations"

Fake GPS-1-700x390

2nd step

Now you need to download the app from Google Play, and when you have completed the installation it must be executed. you'll see a dialog box on your screen, indicating that you must disable the Wi-Fi network and have GPS enabled, then click "Site Settings" and once we turned on the GPS, click "Mode location "and select only" sensors of the device. "


Step # 3

The third and final step, once we have done all the above, we return to the application and now we can choose to double-click a location on the map we have on the screen, press the button orange in the lower right corner and that was it. you have simulated a false position, in my case, I live in Paris and I clearly places I am located in the center of Madrid.

Fake GPS-3

Remember That Using GPS sensor consumes a lot of battery.

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I hope you do not find the answer to your question, since such restrictions in programs pose no accident.And those who are trying to find a bypass these restrictions, most often cheat and deceive the office with the money
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