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How to set a fake location for Pokemon GO

using fake location on pokemon go

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We go to Settings> Developer Options> activate the option mock locations. Then we go to the Google Play Store to download Fake GPS Pro, to activate the false location.

The application can be downloaded for free. Once we installed the open. If we root we will indicate that we must activate the setting Mock Locations. If we are not root users will not tell us anything.

If we have not activated before the option Locations Simulated we can do it directly from the application. After doing or if we had already done before, we will see a map with a pin in the middle. It is on that map where we can change the location to our liking.

In this easy way you can put false location in Pokémon Go or any other video game in which the location is important.

Once again we remind you that it is not appropriate to make use of such tricks Pokemon Go, and you could run out of account.

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There is no doubt that Pokemon GO is causing a sensation in all mobile phone users, and even more with this curious and new system capture Pokemon, consisting go find Pokemon down the street or around the house via GPS smartphone. But of course, everyone will not like the idea of ​​having to be in constant motion capturing pets to go whenever you want to play for a while.


Well no solution to this problem, because thanks to the hours they have devoted many users this game since it began circulating on the Internet, has discovered the first trick of this Pokemon GO, which is now available for download free, and it is to distort the location of your GPS via an application.


This is Fake Location, the application that "cheat" your GPS so that when you dedicate a few games to play, you can do from home and even pajamas without having to move. Not that this is the only application, there are more applications that meet the same function to distort location, but with which it has been using the trick. You can find for download from Google Play.


Which steps follow to change location pokemon go?

First, with the Fake Location app downloaded to your terminal, we will open and take you to a map style Google Maps, you set the desired location and press the "Start" button. If a popup window appears on the screen, do not worry, you are being asked to activate the option for the application to simulate the default location. After that, go to the Settings paragraph Location, and select the profile "device only".

Once you do this process, you enter the game, and see which places your character in the location that you had established Fake Location. From here, you can play, capture all the Pokemon you find, visit all the gyms you like, and only thanks to a virtual location.

how to change the location for pokemon go

Google Play | Pokemon GO

Google Play | Fake GPS Location

Anyone who wants to lose his account Pokemon Go, or Ingres ... use the tutorial above.
Of course that will not be able to recover your Pokemons ...
And no doubt algorithms Niantic on the use of false locations, as it did with ingress. There is no doubt that you would with pokemon go ...
That stupidity: | Who would think to publish this kind of thing ???? The game is to get out and move, that's grace. Do not try to aruinar the game. And to finish the method that they probably will not work here because like Pokemon Go ingress should check if we have enabled simulated locations. All you will get is that Baneen accounts. Niatic already has a lot expiencia with cheaters who try to change their location in Ingress so will not be easy to cheat.
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