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How to fix "GPS Signal not found" on Pokemon GO

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common problem is that Pokemon Go can not access the GPS to locate you, or at least the location of the smartphone. Normally, it is easy fault to fix. You must go to Android settings adjustments, there "Location" and activate it. You can use the precision level you prefer, but with one higher experience will be better.

Obviously, you need to 3G / 4G enabled data or Wi-Fi connection to access servers Pokémon Go, a game like this does not have an offline version. In any case, it is easier to fix the error, which indicates the game with as clear as "Unable to find the GPS signal in Pokémon GO" message.
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If you are at home just you do not have GPS signal

If you do not sign, I recommend that you move (go outside for example), because maybe in your home you have a bad sign, it could happen and not detected in this way the location. If you see no improvement, the device restarts. You must have a good GPS signal GO to play Pokémon.
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Could not locate the GPS signal in Pokémon GO solution
So you can play smoothly, you must have activated the following:
GPS signal.
Data or Wi-Fi enabled.
If you do not GO Pokémon detects the location, you must go to Settings> location Mode> and choose from the elections (high precision, saving battery and one device). I have marks the first option, but the second would correspond serve and not spend so much battery.
As you know, to progress in the game you will have to move forward in real life, so it makes use of GPS. No GPS you can not play, you have to have it on if or yes.
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In some places the GPS does not work as it should, you can even give an inaccurate location. This is a problem that developers are working on right now. Problems with the GPS however may vary from one device to another. There may also be problems in terms of the GPS signal. For optimum performance we must ensure that the GPS services are enabled for the game and high-precision mode is activated.
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Fix 'GPS signal not found "- Error in Pokemon GO - %100 working

This is how you can correct the dreaded error 'GPS signal not found "in Pokemon GO on the iPhone and Android.


There are two key components of Pokemon GO that make the magic happen - a data connection and location services on your device. The latter, however, means that Pokemon Go requires a clear GPS signal in order to function properly. When there is no GPS signal, the game will launch immediately an error message 'GPS signal not found in you, making your game essentially useless. And there are ways to overcome this problem as well, from the most basic solution is to advanced. Make sure location services are turned on

If location services are disabled on the device and then Pokemon GO never get a GPS signal lock matter what you try. iOS

In the iOS device go to Settings> Privacy> Location and move the switch highest level "location services' lever in the ON position. Also make sure Pokemon GO has been granted the necessary permit access to the location on this page. The option is set to 'Always'. Android

If you have an Android device then go to Settings> Location and turn the toggle switch 'Location' in the ON position. Also make sure the "Location mode" is set to "high precision". How to access old Zoom Window Feature OS X Yosemite Enable Wi-Fi for immediate location: Fix

Before his engagement device in a GPS satellite signal, you can speed things up by activating Wi-Fi and get a faster lock location. iOS ads

Open the Control Center and click on the 'WiFi' button to turn the wireless radio device. Or go to Settings> Wi-Fi. Android

Lower the notification panel on the device and tap on the toggle 'WiFi' and then move the switch to the ON position. Or you can go to Settings> Wi-Fi to get it.

Once you have finished you will notice Pokemon GO'll get a GPS lock much faster in position and hopefully get rid of the "GPS signal not found" error message. Still no GPS signal?

If, at this time, you're still not receiving a GPS signal then, you may want to consider moving to open reasons (ie: a step out). There is a possibility that the device you are using GPS receiver has a poor quality. If the problem persists with you is that everything is perfect end, then there are two things to do: force close the app from the app drawer and start again, or wait for an update Niantic. Errors in software can also be blamed for a bad experience.
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