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I get notified alot that restricted access changed voice service blocked and data service blocked.

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That usually happens when you change the SIM (albeit the same number) and Cerberus have installed .... You have to enter the application and authorize the new SIM. Is not that the case?

If it could not be that the micro sim for whatever reason, does not make good contact is it cut?
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This just happened to me. It never happened to me.

I glanced at the phone and I get the triangle with the notice said. In addition I find that wearing so unhedged (or data, or anything) about 5 hours. That's why it was so quiet.

Active airplane mode and turn off, and continue without coverage or data ...

Restarting and quite normal.

I hope it's just an occasional thing and that does not happen again.
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to those who have passed, I got to fix it follows

going to mobile settings, mobile networks, network operators, when you locate the various networks, choose any other than yours to "try" to register in it, and while in the process, with the message "looking" or something, and the circle circling in occupied mode, restart the phone, or failing that, those not tengais enabled the advanced restart options development, power cycle, wait to put the pin one ratin, one or two minutes to go settled everything, and see if you have been taken notice

if so, solved for restarts next, I do step also doing something related to the mode change in a new installation, it is not solved with dirty reinstallation of ROM, this is the only means which I have worked for me too

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