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How to broadcast live from Facebook on Android

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Already weeks ago that many users can enjoy the live broadcast of Facebook on Android and iOS but most of them do only as spectators. Yes, the truth is that even though the live broadcast of Facebook has been activated in a large number of profiles is currently not available worldwide.

It is much easier to do a live broadcast if you have a page with many followers or you are a public figure. In case you have a small profile you may still have to wait a bit for the live broadcast. I remember that at this time 50% of profiles from around the world can now use the live transmission but there is another large part of them that can not make use of it.

Broadcast live Facebook Android

How is a live broadcast done through Facebook on Android?


Many users believe that this feature is available only for high - end mobile devices or Apple and this is not true, the feature will activate slowly for everyone and do a live streaming through Facebook is very easy. Just follow these steps:


  • Enter Facebook and click on the button to update the status (where you write publications usually when you want to put something on your wall).
  • Now you have to see the button Go live there in the image (which is inside the red square that will normally next tothe button Show location). If that button is able to start broadcasting live from Facebook, if you are disabled have to wait for Facebook activate this feature for you. Also make sure you have the latest version of Facebook for Android or could not receive this feature.
  • Once you click the button to broadcast live Facebook will ask you to put a name to the transmission  (not mandatory) and once this is done (we have only done one test), you have to press the button Transmit .
  • The camera starts recording and your followers will receive a notification that is being broadcast live and can access it or comment on the transmission.
  • The transmitting can not respond to comments but can view them while users ask and answer live.
  • At the end you only have to press the button Finish  (you can not record less than 4 seconds and no more than 30 minutes) and the transmission will be available for viewing later at the wall.

This live broadcast may be used for a lot of things but make a questions and answers in real time could be interesting.Would you like to see something like that in Androidphoria?

stream videos live facebook

When activated Facebook the live broadcast for all?

First Facebook triggered the live transmission for users ofFacebook Mentions (an application that can only use the verified profiles or characters with many followers, important accounts in any case).

After this Facebook began to activate the live broadcast for pages or verified profiles we have already seen a lot of famous beginning a streaming live via Facebook and ultimately Facebook has been enabling this feature for all network users social. Obviously if you use Facebook Lite you will not be able to use this feature but with the official Facebook client will not have any problems.

There is something very interesting that the user can start the live broadcast on your phone can see who is watching the video and can even block spectators . Currently all US usershave enabled this feature and the rest of the globe is expected to be 100% in a few weeks. You have already reached you the live broadcast? We would like to know what phone you have and where you are to know what territories they arrive and this way everyone who enters the web know if you have not reached your country or you must update the Facebook application using the method discussed above.

You can broadcast live from Facebook in Spain?

The answer is yes, but is not yet available to everyone . The application both iOS as Android let you a live broadcast the problem is that is not activated at the moment, for all profiles.

To us for example it allows us to transmit live from Facebook on Android through the fanpage Androidphoria but does not allow us to broadcast from the profile which means thatFacebook has to activate transmission for this profile and not in the application because the application works. That means there must be a change in the server and not on the application.

However some of our friends with iPhone (sometimes also have good stuff) and leave them to their own profile despite not being any famous person. What you has come to you? It seems that the device sometimes is also important to you activate this feature.

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