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How to Activate the USB Debugging On Android Smartphone Tm400 To Control Airis From The PC?

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1) The first thing to do is access the settings menu of the smartphone. How to do that ?. There are two ways and the reader can choose the mode you want. The first way is to press the capacitive button "Menu" is in the lower left corner of the AIRIS TM400, and then choose the "Settings" option that appears on the phone screen. The second way is to click on the application icon (a round icon in the center of the bottom of the screen) and then click on the setup icon. Both forms are illustrated below:
Method 1: Access the Menu button
Method 2: access application icon
2. Once any of the above two categories, the smartphone screen will display the "Setup" menu in which we locate and press "Developer Options". In doing so we will show another screen in which you have to select "USB Debug" option by checking the little square that is on your right.
3) That's it. Here we can already connect the smartphone to the computer AIRIS with micro-usb cable (obviously both computers must be on) when rootearlo want, when we want to modify some system configurations, when we want to install another ROM, etc.
4) And if you no longer want the USB debugging enabled no problem: access the "Settings", place yourself "Developer Options" menu and uncheck the square on the "Debug USB". And you can enable and disable USB debugging when you want, whenever you want.
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