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WhatsApp has become for most Android users as a key tool mobile messaging.Today virtually indispensable, we rely on him for all our communications, whether personal or even professional, since often use the application to organize appointments and meetings.

So, it is fundamental that this application works without a hitch. There are yet there, WhatsApp sometimes presents operational problems: failed installation, download refusal or sending attachments, whimsical schedules or malfunction in sending or receiving messages: as much red tape that hinder the flow of our communications.

Rest assured, the solution often lies at your fingertips. Here are seven problems the most common that we can meet with WhatsApp for Android, their explanation and, of course, gestures to do about it.

When the message appears SMS verification failed ...

When checking the phone number, a necessary step when you install WhatsApp Messenger, it can happen that you are notified of error  SMS verification failed. The latter prevents the completion of the installation process WhatsApp, since you can not receive the activationcode.

In most cases, the error in question occurs when you are looking to install WhatsApp Plus (which is a modified version of the original application), but this may also be the case with the original version.

If this happens to you, try in the order the following solutions until verification can take place.

  • Install the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger: Sometimes older versions can cause this type of problem.

Update WhatsApp Messenger on Google Play

  • Carefully check that the phone number entered is correct. You must select the country and insert your prefix-free number or symbol or space.
  • Verify that the Internet connection is active (3G, 4G or WiFi). If at the time you request verification by text message (SMS), you are not connected to active data network or, for some reason, this network is not working, you will get this error message.
  • Last attempt: restart the phone and then repeat the entire verification process.

If the installation fails again, use the  Voice verification: The code will then be given a very clear voice automatic telephone, which is a good option.

When appears the message  Phone time is Inaccurate

When the error occurs  Phone is Inaccurate dates, WhatsApp will not work correctly. The solution to this problem, however, has nothing to do with the date and time settings on your phone. It is indeed to reinstall the application. But you will start by cleaning the cache of the application, otherwise the problem will represent again.

To do this, go to Settings> Applications, select WhatsApp, then tap Clear data and ClearCache.

Clear data and cache

From there, you can uninstall the application. To do this, go to the folder Applications, find the icon WhatsApp, press it for two seconds and drag on Delete.

To reinstall, go to Google Play Store, WhatsApp find, install normally and follow the guided installation procedure.

Problems downloading or sending multimedia files

If you are unable to download an audio file, video or photo you sent a friend by WhatsApp or if you are unable to load one for the ship, check first that your smartphone is connected to the Internet .

When using a WiFi network, it can sometimes happen that the router signal is loud and clear, but the network is temporarily off. In cases like this, even though you seem to have a blanket, in reality, you are disconnected. Make sure everything works properly so.

After this, check that there is free space on your SD memory card. Go to Settings> Storage and you will see the amount of memory available.

Check the amount of memory available

If the remaining space is small, you will need to free up some. A good idea is, for example, toremove the photos and videos by backing them online. In  this article, we compared different online storage services easy to use, to keep all your shots on the cloud.

It is also possible that the SD memory card can receive data because it is in mode "reading". So try to copy files and see if it allows you to do so.

If space exists, but the files can not be copied, drag all those you have on the memory card to the computer (so you will not lose anything), then format the memory card. Then you can recover, if you wish, the files on the SD memory card and check that it is now possible to download files from WhatsApp.

Error retrieving information from server [RPC: S-7: AEC-0]

Sometimes during the process of payment WhatsApp, problems can occur, preventing the operation. If you receive the message Error in retrieving server information [RPC: S-7: AEC-0] or the system crashes during the payment (as explained in the section  FAQ Site WhatsApp), do the following .

  • Clear cache: Settings> Applications> Google Play Store, and from there, Clear data andClear cache.
  • Remove your account from  Settings> Google (in section Accounts) then select the account to delete and, from the menu with three small dots at the top right and chooseDelete Account.

Delete Google Account

  • Shut off and reboot your phone.
  • Reinsert it in your Google Account login: Settings> Google (found in section Accounts), then reconnect.

If you continue to have problems, update the application Google Play and check that the saved information from your credit card on your account are correct.

If the messages arrive late

The  task killers are software for forcing shutdown of applications on your Android smartphone. But not all applications not react well to the forced closure. WhatsApp, for example, could temporarily disable (or even permanently on Android 2.1 or earlier).

The problem is that WhatsApp servers are not able to register this type of disconnection.Result: receiving messages can be delayed for several minutes.

In this case, you do not receive an error message, but WhatsApp work poorly for a while.The only thing to do, once returned to normality, is never to close the application using a task killer.

Schedule of wrong messages

This problem almost always depends on the wrong setting the date or time in your operating system. If you do not use the Auto Adjust option of this information, or you are not connected to the Internet through your phone, this problem may occur when changing from summer time to 'winter time or vice versa.

On Android, you can manually set the time from Settings> Date and time.

Set the date and time on Android

When the message appears  Error -24

If your operating system is Android 4.4 version and you have attempted to install WhatsApp unsuccessful, it is possible may have been created a folder that prevents you from reinstalling the application.

This folder is called  com.whatsapp and it is in data / data (as explained on the site WhatsApp). The only two ways to remove it are:

  • Having a phone rooted (in this case, you can search the folder and remove)
  • Reset the phone (Settings> Backup & reset> Restore factory settings)

Warning! Restore factory settings means losing all data (phone, message numbers, call log, saved files etc.) it contains. Before the operation,   perform a full backup of the contents of your mobile phone.

Back up all data on your phone before reset

WhatsApp: more problems!

Here are the main problems that can occur when you install, pay or use WhatsApp. Most of them, you will have seen, can be solved easily. If problems were to persist, however, we recommend that you contact  the official support of the application.

Everything works fine now? Perfect! The time has come to make the most of the functionality of the application. For more information, read our WhatsApp Guide to find all the essential information on the instant messaging application from Facebook.

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4. How do I change my phone number?
It can also happen otherwise: change of phone number, but not smartphone. In that case, the procedure is very simple. Just follow these steps:

Menu -> Settings -> Account Info -> Change number.
A window will open. In it you have to first enter your old number and then the new one.
When you have finished click Done.
It is important to note that this process eliminates the linked account to your old number, in order that your contacts do not have duplicate, and on the other hand, it also automatically transfers the payment status, groups, profile and the history of your conversations.

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