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Hi to all,

Since there is watusi + Cidia there is the chance to freeze your last seen for everybody without being an expert user. So now programs as Whatsdog or similar don't give any real "info" about connections of someone you are interested in..

Is there any chance to see the real last seen in whatsApp if someone uses watusi?

Another question. When someone uses watusi and activate or deactivate last seen freezing does he result online for a couple of seconds?

Thank you all.

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We have already spoken on other occasions on the privacy settings of the Whatsapp application. It is an issue that arouses much interest and generated many questions from readers about how to view or hide information from other users in this courier.

Get to know if the other person has read or not our message is often converted into an exercise in espionage often unsuccessfully, since that person may have configured your privacy so that others do not see or when reading messages (double check blue) or when it is connected.

How to tell the last connection to whatsapp ocultaPero someone that Android users have an ally will greatly assist Whatsapp spies in the task of knowing when last logged one of your contacts. Moreover, they not only know the last time, but every time was connected and its duration, although all have configured your privacy to hide their last connection and has even blocked the spy.

The application is called WhatsDog and although its function is to skip the privacy practices set forth in a third party application and thus probably would border illegally, the truth is that today can be downloaded from the official Google Play Store. Currently no longer available at the official store, but we can find in other stores which offer applications for Android.

Its function, with which perfectly fulfills is, as already discussed, record the periods of connecting a user to choose Whatsapp also warns us to be notified each time you connect. And you can do even if that contact is configured to show their 'Last Connection' a 'nobody' and even though we have locked.

Its configuration is minimal once installed, you just have to indicate the number you want to monitor by selecting from the list of our contacts. As the user of that number to connect to your whatsapp, will begin to notify and record hours of connection and disconnection. Even stores your data daily surveillance can then review on a calendar. Among its configuration options has the ability to remove the notifications that can become annoying if our goal is very active. The free version has persistent advertising, but does the job. I do not know the benefits that can bring the payment of the proposed donation in their choices and if advertising is removed.

As I mentioned, I think this application is a tool of dubious morals, subjected to unethical monitoring our chosen contact, and violating their right to privacy can choose Whatsapp.

But the fact is it's there and we all know its existence as work, and any of us can become victims of espionage and we should all know.

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I appreciate the answer and the time you spent in it. At the same time you didtn't hit the goal. The point is that with Watusi and Cydia someone choose to remain "visible" and at the same time "he is not". So, who is controlling whom? The same happens with apps like "hide last seen" or similar with Android, although their mechanism is really rough (basically they disconnect internet). The original question was how watusi works, and how it is possible? because programs like whatsdog dont't work, and it is interesting..
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