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How to install Whatsapp Tablet (Wi-Fi) without root and SIM

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Although smartphone users worldwide can easily use WhatsApp both your mobile and Web service WhatsApp, extension of computer-based account on your phone, free messaging service is not available for tablets. Of course, there are ways to make it work, but the process usually require a rooted device. But just appeared a new method that does not require complex steps: it is simple, very simple, and especially for those who are still novices in the world of Android. We must warn, however, that this method not your conversations between devices will be synchronized; what is it to create a new account for your tablet. To install WhatsApp on a Android Tablet you have to follow the following steps. Stay tuned!

WhatsApp installed on a Tablet without Root

1.      WhatsApp download the APK file. It is very important that you follow the next step to install the downloaded file.

2.      Devices Android not usually allow the installation of applications not come from the Play Store. To achieve this you must enable the "Allow installation of applications from unknown sources." You have to go to Menu> Settings> Security> Unknown sources and enable the option.

3.      You need to have an application installed third-party messaging as TextPlus to send and receive messages.

4.      Open TextPlus and go to the Austes. Enter your number and your contact details.

5.      Back to the folder where you downloaded WhatsApp and install it by clicking on it.

6.      Once installation is complete, open WhatsApp and enter the same contact number TextPlus

Whenever our Android tablet is connected to the Internet we can send and receive text messages, files, images, videos and even make voice calls, absolutely free!

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