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How to delete instagram message search

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Instagram is full of tips to make us a social network pro . Sometimes understated, certain features prove to be real allies in our daily lives. Deleting your history can be considered a trivial action, but it sometimes happens that in a hurry, we forget to erase some elements that could make us live an ultra embarrassing moment. To escape this moment of shame, we give you the trick that will save you from learning how to erase memories (for that unfortunately, we don't have the solution yet... But we promise as soon as we have it, we'll will share it too).

Instagram: here is the unsuspected trick to erase ALL its history

Yes yes, we assure you, it can (really) be useful. When you're using Instagram next to someone looking at your phone, or when you show them something, your old investigations may show up in the search bar and betray you. (Yes, you've been known to stalk this girl absolutely every day.) To avoid the drama, go to your profile, then in the three-bar menu in the top right corner, open settings, tap "Security." Scroll down the page, then tap on “  Clear search history “.

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