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hello ;

ı want to delete my web site index from google cache delete a page full of Google search results and ı dont know how can ı delete please help me urgent.



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When you delete or update a page , it is automatically removed from search results , it is a relatively slow process and the first few times that google does not find it, you will return an error message . You do not have to do anything to make this happen .
However, if you need to delete the content of the search results of Google urgently ( for example if you've deleted, updated or blocked a page showing error confidential information, such as credit card debt) , you can request that accelerate the process of elimination of these URL.
Tools removal request pages are designed for pages to be removed urgently as, for example, including confidential information that has been shown by mistake. If these tools are used for other purposes, it may cause incidents on your site .
Below we explain in detail how to remove a specified URL or an entire web site using Google Webmaster Tools for Google .
The extracted content is explained in the help of google webmaster tools .
To delete a page full of Google search results , follow these steps:
On the home page of Google Webmaster Tools , click the site you want.
In the panel , click the option to optimize the left menu .
Click Delete URL.
Click New Removal Request .
Enter the URL of the page you wish to remove from the search results (not the URL of the Google search results URL or cached page ) and then click Continue . The URL is case sensitive and uses exactly the same characters and the same capitalization that the site uses .
Click Yes, delete this page .
Click Submit Request.
Important: For you to make sure your content is removed permanently, you must do one of the following actions within 90 days of the removal request . Otherwise, your content could come back in search results after a while .
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