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how to delete Google Play Store search history

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1. Opens the first thing on your Android smartphone the App Market "Google Play Store"
  2. Now Typing top left on the symbol with the three horizontal bars - A menu opens
3. Selects here "Settings"
4. In the next submenu you will find the following entry: Delete Local search history

5. Typing on the entry to delete on your smartphone the local search history within the Google Play store - Ready!
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All we ever made ​​any finding that we are not proud at Google application store for Android. And although not so sure many will have done enough for normal searches as having a history so full that it is impossible for us to locate an important finding that we no longer remember.

Therefore it is possible that many of you ye put some order occasionally cleaning the search history Google Play Store, and users in mind that the less experienced ye may have trouble doing so, we decided to briefly explain two simple ways that you can do.

With the implementation of Google Play Store


The least complicated way is through the own application store for Google Android. As you see now, without a few steps, and the option to delete history is quite visible.

·         In the application of Google Play Store, acceded to the menu by sliding from the left edge of the screen to the right, or by clicking on the icon with the three horizontal lines.

·         Once there, pop into the option settings.

·         In the section General Settings, the third option is that you seek: Clear history local search .You press it and go.

Since the device settings


As a method using only one post is we have a little short, if you want to delete the history from the Settings application of your Android.

·         Open the application drawer and enter into that of settings.

·         Navigate on the menu to find the option Application.

·         Usually, these section apps listed in sections DownloadedOn SD cardUnderway and All.

·         Assure to be in the All option, seek in the Google Play Store app list and make clicking on it.

·         In Android 5.1.1 and lower versions you only have to give the Erase Data option. From Android 6.0 you'll have to first access the option Storage to erase the data from there.

·         This will reset the application data, so when you return to enter again have to set some things.

And that's all. Simple, right? Obviously the process that we recommend that you follow the first, but if you are fans of homebrew perhaps you enjoy browsing through the options of Android. It is in your hand.

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