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"Bootmgr missing, press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart"


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One of the most feared by users of Windows error message is displayed when you turn the computer on which the user that is not the boot sector and must reboot indicated.

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This can have several causes, for example, an error in the computer shutdown, power failure, virus, etc. The solution which is most opt ​​to format the system and reinstall all over again, however, it is possible to try to resolve this error in two different ways before taking such a radical decision.

Solution # 1

This solution is valid if we have an original Windows disk. With the computer off what we introduce into the drive and turn it on. If not automatically loads the Windows installation wizard must change the BIOS settings for the CD or DVD shit before the operating system.

Once we see the main window of the wizard configure our language, the distribution of your keyboard and choose the option "Repair your computer".

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Then the program will scan hard drives and we choose the one with the operating system.

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It will load a new window with the Windows Recovery Console.

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Of the options we must choose the "Repair Guide" (the first) and wait for the wizard finishes.

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Once finished and we can restart our computer and if everything went well the boot sector has been recovered and the system can be restarted without problems.

Solution # 2

If you do not have a Windows disk hand we can use other tools to solve such problems. One is Wondershare LiveBoot 2012, a boot disk that will analyze your hard drive and solve all kinds of problems you find in it, from blue screen and driver issues to Bootmgr.

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