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Ho to move applications to external memory in Windows 10

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With the advent of the November major update to Windows 10, the latest operating system received new features and functionality. Among them it is to be able to install applications in mass storage and external SD cards or USB sticks. Recall also began to allow Windows 10 to install applications from their official store in a different location from the default and system settings can also move them and carry them to another drive or external memory without having to go through the uninstall process and installation.

Since in our equipment increasingly tend to save more and more content and install a lot of applications, we will see how to install those that want to space external memory so as not to take up more disk space or even release some busy if we move some of which already we have installed.

To do this, we have to do is accessed from the Start menu to Settings Team and choose System. Once there, select the menu item shown on the left side of the screen applications and features, that will charge us all installed applications to date on the computer. Now, what we must do is find one that you want to move, not all permit, and clicking on it, which will show a button with the option to move to if you click on it will show a drop in the different locations available move and where it will appear our SD card or external memory. In this way, we can release some of our disk storage capacity to store other data or installing new applications

But if what we want is that our system when installing new applications from the Windows Store, your location is other than the default (C :), we have to go for the option of storage in Settings> System. At that time we will show available to install or move files and applications or just below locations will have the option to choose through a drop down where we want to be installed or saving new applications, documents, music, videos, etc.

Just choose the unit in which we want that action is taken, the next time you can see how they perform are installing or saving correctly in the chosen location.

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