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BOOTMGR is missing: The solution. How To Fix the BOOTMGR is Missing Error  can you help me please How To Fix the BOOTMGR is Missing Error The solution on win7 win8 how to slove bootmgr image is corrupted 

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Trying to update the firmware on an SSD I ran into this problem; master partition table team had "descuageringado" and out this error: 
BOOTMGR is missing 
Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to reboot ... 
Relax, it's not the end of the world. I did not know the solution to this problem, and looking and researching online was not a concrete solution. Then I put a little tutorial with the solution. 
1 Boot to the Windows 7 DVD. 
2nd When prompted, select "Repair your computer". 
If like me, the partition table you have been descuageringado, do not find a Windows 7 installation to recover, so will an error message. Anyway selfhealing of Windows 7 rather than a gun show fails, so all I recommend you all follow my method. It is a bit more laborious but it works for sure. 
3rd Cancel the error and select the second option that appears. It will give error. Cancel again and a menu with several options appears. You must select the last option: Start console prompt. 
4th a window of MS-DOS opens. Now what you have to do depends on whether you have descuadrado partition table or your problem is only that you have loaded the boot sector. 
If the case is that you have just loaded the boot sector, run the following commands. 
Bootrec.exe / fixmbr 
Bootrec.exe / fixboot 
If your case is that you have been descuadrado the partition table, it's a bit more complicated. In my case, I had two hard drives. The teacher, which had Windows (point C) and a secondary which was installed programs, games, etc. (point D). 
Commands to execute. 
I see that now goes DISKPART> and then you can write. 
list disk 
This command will show you the discs that you have currently installed. In my case, I said that the store had the hard drive letter C, while the operating system D. That is, just the opposite. You will see that each disk is assigned a number. For example: 
Disco ### Din Size Free State. Gpt 
-------- ---------- ------- ------- --- --- 
Online 4118 Disk 0 GB 0 B 
Disc 1 Online 8 GB 4002 B * 
To swap the drive letters would have to do the following. 
select disk 0 
select partition 1 
assign letter = R 
So far what we have done is to assign the letter R to store hard disk (which previously had the letter C). We continue. 
select disk 1 
select partition 1 
assign letter = C 
Now we have the operating system disk with the letter C. Finally return the letter D is the disk store. 
select disk 0 
select partition 1 
assign letter = D 
Done. Now it make the system recognizes and rewrite the MBR, so we return to the bootrec command. 
bootrec / rebuildbcd 
This should detect where we have windows 7 installed. If it detects ask if you want to use as a starting system. You have to answer yes. 
If you do not find anything there to redo the BCD by typing: 
bcdedit / export C: \ BCD_Backup 
cd boot 
attrib bcd -s -h r 
ren c: \ boot \ bcd bcd.old 
bootrec / RebuildBcd 
Now should detectaros the Windows 7 installation continue. 
bootrec / fixmbr 
bootrec / fixboot 
Reboot and everything should work properly now. However it may be that our problem is even more complicated (as was my case) and the BOOTMGR is completely gone. If after all this we continue with the same error back to boot from the Windows DVD and follow the same steps until you get back to the MS-DOS console. 
Now, go into the DVD drive. If we say 2 hard drives installed, it is normal that the DVD is the letter F. If not, keep trying alphabetically. 
copy bootmgr c: \ 
bootmgr attrib + s + h + r 
bootrec / rebuildbcd <- does not detect us S.O. go back to performing the steps that I put up. 
bootrec / fixmbr 
bootrec / fixboot 
And reboot. Now I do have to start :) 
I hope this little tutorial will serve. To me it cost me almost 4 hours to find the solution, but following this tutorial should not take you more than half an hour to solve your problem. 
Note: It is prohibited to copy all or part of this tutorial without the express consent of the author (send me PM). 
Note 2: This tutorial is not infallible. Follow it at your own risk and with caution. I am not responsible if something goes wrong and you have to reformat. 
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I too have been "graced" with this message. 
What has not been clear to me is if you get these steps to retrieve the information from your hard drive or only re-formateaste. 
I have very valuable information in it and do not want to lose it for the world.
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Hello there .. 
I have tried everything you have posted and it has not worked for me. 
I appreciate if you can work a little more, and I need to recover my files. 
Try using a boot disk xp, linux and even, to see if I could rescue them, in theory there should continue, but I did not do anything. 
Thank you for your attention.
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my note came without a cd or dvd resutauracion, as the recovery solution comes in the team ... while trying to leave the factory, throw an error image restoration, and only gives the altrernativa accept to restart the computer, the screen black with this legend: 
I can not restore to an earlier time the only solution is the complete restoration, which went back to do and throws the same error message image. 
Now I have no access to anything. 
appreciate if anyone knows how to fix the stunt to send me ..
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idk if you'll read this post .. but you saved my life !!!!!!!!!!!!! THOUSANDS OF THANKS .... probe hundreds of other pages of explanations and nothing ... and with this explanation solve it .. THANKS !!!!
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I was already losing hope, but thanks to the end of this tutorial I could get my album ... thank you very much: 'D
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Hi, my problem is completely gone and I got the BOOTMGR q create completely. I follow all the steps but I have several problems: 
1º- cd boot -> this folder does not exist in any case will be: 
c: \ windows \ boot or c: \ windows \ system32 \ boot 
2º- in any of them when I type "attrib bcd -s -h r" to set the attributes, bcd tells me the file does not exist and can not find any folder c: \ 
What I can do is try not ???? 
Thank you very much !!!
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Incredible recover the computer you are a machine
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Hi there: 
I have followed all the steps suggested, and to rewrite the boot sector has not worked, and when I try to reassign the letter c responds: "Service error virtual disk: Disk is not initialize"
As all the information we have on disk c is very sensitive and win backups, are worthless. 
A help, please and do not know what else to recover the pc, thanks
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Impressive contribution yours. I tube this problem when restoring an image using onekey64 (ghost). If someone fails ineresa my problems and solutions to clone and restore using onekey64. 
Again I congratulate you on the excellent work. A large.
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Ctrl + Alt + Delete and press F9 and aparesera stop the restore disk and Deven just give and give you enter the options menu
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Large Compadre !! 
You helped me a lot, had stopped in the office server and had not been able to work Realize your procedure and it worked great !! 
Large !!
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