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How to fix the error "NTLDR is missing"

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"NTLDR is missing" is an error that appears when we try to start the computer and leave us without access. Nothing really serious, you can easily fix so do not be alarmed.
"NTLDR is missing" appears when we or broken part of the system boot Windows. We can repair with own tools that incorporates Windows automatically.
Yes, we need to access recovery mode Windows or have an original CD of Windows with which to access the unit for repair. Here we explain in detail how to fix "NTLDR is missing".
How to Fix "NTLDR is missing"
-Iniciamos Computer in recovery mode from a Windows CD or from a special key that incorporates the computer (manufacturer be one or the other).
-Once We agree to this, we seek the Command Prompt or command line.
'There must type the command: bootrec / FixBoot
-Automatically Repair this error and will restart your computer.
You should now start normally without this error. In any case, another error may affect, then it may be more complicated.
Yet in this case or if you are in doubt about this process not hesitate to ask since you can finally start destroying most of what is.

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