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How to Disable the User Account Control in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

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When you install an operating system from scratch default safety precautions to help us prevent some applications to gain access to certain resources on our system, for example, personal data or to install unwanted software without permission are applied, in order to prevent our security could be compromised.

Generally, when we execute a program that tries to access the most critical areas of the operating system (any setup wizard, for example) a window appears by default with us information that we should accept the program manually, can block the execution in the case of we know with certainty the origin of the program.

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While this helps protect our security in the face of various threats in the network, for many users it is also very annoying to have to accept all executions software and advanced configurations that are attempted, so users do not make use of this feature can be disabled and the system do not notify us whenever such events occur.

To do the first thing to do is open the control panel of your system and access the section "User Accounts". We also see a window similar to the following.

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Here we click on "Change settings User Account Control" to open a new window.

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In this window you can configure notifications that we receive, for example, if we want we are notified by absolutely everything that happens in the system or otherwise, unless we receive notification events.

To disable these messages must move the slider button to the bottom, where we will see how it is configured as "Never notify". Then we save the changes and must accept, for the last time, the message of auditing accounts.

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Once I accepted that message back to the desk and we will not see that window every time you try to run an application, but we must consider that not even see if any attempts to install malware without our permission in the system.

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