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how to disable windows 10 notifications

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Windows 10 has added many new features in this new operating system, including a more than expected element that many users were crying out for a long time. We are talking about notifications. It is true that Windows 8.1 already has a kind of notifications that are displayed in the upper right side of the desk and allowed us to be aware of certain actions that were done in the operating system. However there was no notification center where refer to later, but these appeared and disappeared several seconds elapsed.

Besides this, in the notification center will receive not only alerts and notifications from the operating system, but also receive the applications installed in your Windows 10. To make matters worse, Windows 10 has increased the number of settings and options to customize the elements included in this version of Windows. Obviously, the center of has options to be configured and thus can adapt it to our needs or tastes.

However the settings in Windows 10 initially may be somewhat confusing  mainly because these have been divided into two: App Settings and Control panel. In previous versions everything concerning configuration is concentrated in the Control Panel in Windows 10 but as we mentioned has introduced a new application that has added new configuration functions.

That said, if you want to customize or disable the notification center Windows 10 must follow these steps to access its settings. First of all will access the boot menu so you can click the Settings app. Once inside the configuration screen you must enter the System option which will cause us to display a new window with two sections.


In the left section of the various options that we click on the one that says Notifications and Actions shown. This will make a set of configuration options are displayed on the right side of the screen. These options are grouped into three sections such as: fast action Show Notifications and reports of such applications.

Quick Actions: This section will allow us to customize shortcuts to certain tools or services we want to show in the notification center.

Notifications: In this section you can configure specifically the type of notifications you want to receive. These adjustments you can make Windows display your suggestions, enable or disable notifications of applications, or not to allow display notifications on the lock screen or display alarms and reminders.

Show reports of such applications : If in the previous section have enabled the option to receive notifications of applications, then this section will allow you to individually customize the applications that you really want to receive notifications. In this way it will display a list of all applications that can be notified by a switch. Click on each switch to enable or disable notifications for this app.

As a recommendation, we advise you on the Notifications, you disable the Show section Windows tips. These suggestions are small tips that Windows will send and will make your notification center is full of small tips. This way you will have a notification center much cleaner.  

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