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How to create virtual desktops in Windows 10

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Linux has long with the possibility of locking in virtual work, where each has its own open and tidy applications can allocate each to a particular task, for example, work, leisure and Internet. This useful feature was not available to users of Windows by default, and those who wanted to use it had to resort to third party applications that allow enable the use of these environments.

A new feature of Windows 10 is the ability to create multiple virtual desktops or workspaces, where you can work comfortably and orderly without the need for additional third-party software for it.

In the bottom bar of the desktop we can see a number of new buttons. One corresponds to the task view, which is a shortcut to the Alt + Tab combination where we can see all the open windows on your desktop and where we can also create and configure new virtual workspaces.

Windows 10 virtual desktops photo 1

Windows 10 virtual desktops photo 2

At the bottom you will see a text that says "Add a new desktop". Click on it and automatically at the bottom we see several different thumbnails, each virtual desktops that we created and with the windows and applications that are open in each.

Windows 10 virtual desktops photo 3

If you move to a working environment we will see above it the task view, ie, applications and open windows and where we can choose what we want is in the foreground. Also from here we will be able to send a window to another desktop in order to be able to order these quickly and effectively speeding up the work we're doing.

To do this simply press from the task view on the window you want to move, and select "Move to> Desktop X" where X is the number of the same to send the selected window.

Windows 10 virtual desktops photo 4

Then we can see how the selected window is changed workspace, in this case, number 2, leaving only the "Calculator" application in space have also been updated 1. thumbnails of virtual desktops to know the applications that are open in their eye.

Windows 10 virtual desktops photo 5

When the system reboot these desks will close and log back again see only one and we have to create the necessary manually again.

As we can see, an interesting development of Windows 10 that will allow us to work more comfortably and neatly leveraging multitasking and without using additional applications for this purpose.

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