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How to change the IP address of the PC on Windows 10 and Windows 11

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Want to know how you can change your PC IP easily? Then find out now in this complete guide of how to guide to do it on a Windows PC, using various methodologies.

There are various reasons why it is good practice to change the IP address you are connected to with your PC , for example for security reasons, or because your IP address has exceeded the maximum daily download limit.

In short, the reasons can be many, we only know that we have to do it, but how do you change the IP address on the PC ?

That is why we have published this article, where we are going to explain some methods to change IP address from Windows PC .

Before giving you all the explanations of the case, on how to change the IP address of the PC , it seems necessary to make some important clarifications in this regard.

The IP address is nothing more than a numerical label that uniquely identifies , within a private or public network, a device connected to a network. IP addresses can be dynamic , that is, they change with each connection, or static , that is, fixed.

They can also be both private , i.e. those that the router assigns to each device that is part of the local network (e.g., etc.), and public , i.e. those that uniquely identify a connection and is common to all devices that use it (e.g. 2.2323.xx, 66.249.xx etc.).

By changing the public IP address, you can therefore deceive websites, make them believe that they are different users or that they live in other countries than the actual one from which the connection starts.

It is a useful operation as it allows you to bypass the restrictions and censorships that some online services and websites apply to content offered to the public.

Ok now we are ready to see how to change the IP address on the PC .

How to change PC IP address on Windows 10 and 11

After having seen what an IP address is and how it works, let's see, therefore, some of the most interesting ones and find out how to change the IP of a PC with Windows 10 and 11 using them in the correct way.

Let's see now how to change the IP address on computers with Windows 11 and 10.

Change Windows IP address with VPN

change ip vpn address

As a first solution we recommend the use of a VPN , that is a virtual private network, which establishes an encrypted communication tunnel between your device and the online resources to be contacted which guarantees anonymity, privacy and security during all phases of surfing the Net. .

Its use has several advantages, including maximum security while surfing the Net , even when using public hotspots, which makes the navigation data not visible to Internet providers, malicious people and obviously to the VPN managers themselves .

Services that create a camouflage of one's real IP address and its geographic location, circumvention of censorship and regional restrictions, and access to foreign catalogs of streaming platforms.

Among the best VPN solutions for ease of use, security, effectiveness and privacy there are:

These solutions, albeit for a fee, offer economical and flexible subscriptions , within everyone's reach. They also have tons of servers around the world and are compatible with all major operating systems and devices .

Another thing to say is that they are all very easy to use, just install the related software on your computer , log in with your account and click on a simple button to establish the connection with the VPN server of your choice .

Modificare IP Windows con Proxy

The second solution that we recommend, which is extremely simple and does not require the installation of any program on the PC, is to use a web proxy .

proxy is a server that intercedes between Internet requests made by the user and the web services that respond. This guarantees, like VPNs, anonymity, security and camouflage of the IP address and geographic location.

Basically, a proxy is generally less performing and works only in the browser in use, while the VPN is generally faster and works on all the applications in use on the device.

If you want to try this solution without getting your hands on the configuration of your browser, I suggest you try some web proxies that work directly from a web page in which, to establish a connection with a disguised IP, just enter the site address you want to visit and click on a button .

Among the services of this type that we recommend you try:

  • VPN Book , which also allows you to choose between servers from multiple locations. To use it:
    • Then enter the URL of the site to visit in the appropriate field
    • Expand the adjacent drop-down menu and choose the nationality of the server to use among US (US Proxy), English (UK Proxy), French (FR Proxy), Canadian (Canada Proxy) or a random one of all those previously mentioned (Random Proxy)
    • Click on the Go button to establish the connection with the destination site.
  • ProxySite , which always works the same way. It also allows you to remove the display of scripts and other elements from the target site via the boxes displayed at the top of the target site.
  • CroxyProxy , the operating logic is always the same.
  • Hid.eme , the operating logic is always the same.

However, keep in mind that online proxy solutions , such as the ones we have just seen together, are very immediate but also quite limited . For example, due to their slowness, they do not allow you to properly enjoy streaming video content .

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