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How to change the language of Windows 10

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One of the main problems that Windows has been dragging for many years was the language. When we bought an operating system or a complete computer outside our country, this is configured with the default language, being very complicated to change to having to download " language packs "and install them manually, plus they do not always work properly were some strings in the original language.

Aware of the problem, and following complaints from many users, Microsoft has sought to solve once and for all the problems with the Windows language and, in turn, facilitate the process to change the language of the operating system so that users can do so easily from the new menu of operating system settings.

Therefore, with the new Windows 10 it is very easy to have multiple languages ​​installed on your operating system and can change from one to another whenever we need it.

Download, install and activate the language for Windows 10

To change the language of our Windows 10 must open the new Start menu and access the panel “Settings ".


Once there we will open the “Time and language” and we can see an overview of the region we have configured and installed on your computer languages.


To add a language simply click on the button “Add a language” and we a complete list of all available languages ​​for download and install appears.


We look for the language you want to install on our Windows 10 and the operating system automatically searches for the language and Windows Update will download to your computer.


Once downloaded and we will be ready to use language. To do this simply click on it and choose "Option Set as default "so that this starts to be the default language used throughout the system.


As we can see, we also have a section called “options”. From here we will be able to manually download the new language, handwriting and voices Cortana and original keyboard settings for that language.


In case you do not want to use the language more and want to save a few hundred megabytes on the hard drive simply select it as in the image above and click on " Remove ".The language is no longer available and we can reuse the original language.

As we can see, we will be able to change the language at any time easy and fast, something very necessary, for example, in offices or in personal computers of users who either because they control more than one language or because for technical reasons need to have two or more languages ​​installed on your PC.

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