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my play store is not working please help me

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Quiet, so good on your Android smartphone . If right now you are trying to download any app from the App Store Google, Play Store , do not worry if you get an error message. It seems that the most famous search engine company in the world would be experiencing some complications at the moment with the store of its mobile operating system.

There are many users who receive strange error messages like " Error retrieving information from server. [RPC: S-5: AEC-0] ', we understand that is not very specific, to say nothing either to install or update an app on your mobile phone.


google play store failure


Apparently there is a problem related to the affected account . Some media, such as AndroidPolice recommend something completely We endorse and is not to restore the terminal to its factory, since there is a problem with the smartphone, which do lose all of your apps and you could not install.

There seems no solution yet to this ruling, which over the years have happened more times, but none of the solutions work now.

Everything points to the failure occur started Wednesday morning . It only remains to wait forGoogle to solve it, but we know that are already aware that the problem is occurring and are investigating to fix it.

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My play store is not
Working please help me
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My mobaile not google play store but andriod not soport you help me GTs5830i sumsung
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