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Chromecast dims or turns off

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When your Chromecast suddenly shuts down, faints, or reboots frequently , the problem is probably related to your power supply.

Chromecasts work with the USB cable included in the box, and many TVs have USB ports conveniently located next to the HDMI ports. It may seem like a cable-saving measure to connect the USB cable to your TV, but this can cause power problems.

This can cause your Chromecast to stop working for a number of reasons. When you turn off your TV, you cut power to the USB ports, causing it to restart every time you turn off your TV. Worse still, cheaper TVs can have unstable or misconfigured USB ports.

If you unplug the Chromecast USB cable from your TV and connect it to the supplied wall charger, you should fix this problem. If you no longer have the wall charger, try an old mobile charger or buy a new charger.

You can also upgrade to the latest of the Chromecast models, which comes with a remote control and app support.
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