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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini: to call the screen turns off and I can not hang

Hello today I released my terminal and my problem is this; 
When I make a call for 1 to 2 seconds the screen turns off I hear him call but I can not stop this being off the screen and not able to access the red graph hang up or end the call with just me jumping the answering the person you call. 
However if the other person calls me I remember I pass this before described. 
That no function should toggle or touch to make this NOT happen to me every time you call and can not end the call before it jumps the answering please help I'm desperate not I should do to fix you and I hope your help. 

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Hello, the proximity sensor is failing. Why not leave it as you restore and factory, or you can go into settings, accessibility, answer / end call, these options have q get the disabled, if still under warranty you can send greetings

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Hello again you pass a private and then I happened to open it and remove the sim that true fingertip not slip and use tweezers eyebrows, carefully take it out as it was very involved in the went back to put it more just saving the small gap where you inserted and probe again. 
We'll touch wood now what I mean: performed the same function call and when I wear the ear termimal shuts off but but if I take him at his face lights up again the same on incoming or outgoing call bufffff. 
Could it be that the sim one displaced from its embers tad diras not your thanks and regards.
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Well, the wood should be rotting and returning to have the damn problem so you and removed the sim memory also will and relocated the protective plastic it and returned it to its box with everything and came to desprecintarlo and him and passed a message to the seller that I hope will make me change pick this and give me another sealed hopefully by over 1000 positive feedback that has since resolved the fast theme even he had not voted in the hope that went well and receipt invoice goodness. 
And is that the DroidStats emerged that buf and so I try and eaten as much balance. greetings.
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