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Hello good afternoon. I keep a time trying to install Windows, but when I try to install it, I get the following message: "You can create a new partition or find an existing one." I tried and reformat the drive as NTFS, to leave the factory and almost any possible Internet solution; but I can not install it. With other operating systems I do not have the same problem. My current OS is Freya Elementary OS 0.3.1. Thanks for your help.

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Some information can further help:
Laptop or desktop?
Dude and disk capacity?
if desktop motherboard model?
Version of Windows that you are installing.
Some disc else on the team?

Anyway ideal to have a dual-boot system with Windows and a Linux distribution for those without experience in concepts such as partition table and boot loader, always install Windows first and then Linux distribution relevant .

If you're willing to lose Elementary OS installation and then reinstall it again, you can do the following:

- With Elementary LiveCD own trial starts
- Opens the program gparted
- Select the disk
- Go to the menu 'device' and creates a new partition table type msdos
- Reboot and install Windows

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The PC in question is a desktop model Acer Aspire M5640-M3640 with an Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 processor at 2.33 GHz. It has 4GB of RAM, and a graphics NVDIA GeForce 9300GE. It has 2 hard drives 7200rmp one another 512GB and 1TB. Windows (version 8.0) I try to install on any of the 2, but none works. No problem the CD, because in other PCs if I work. Thank you.
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OK, well worth physically disconnect the disk you do not want to install the operating system and leave connected one disc only, then do the steps you have mentioned in the previous post.
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thank you very much
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