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I have two days without being able to use the existing application in the Windows Store to manage email. I've been using it for almost a year with no problem, it worked pretty well, and yesterday suddenly stopped working on the laptop.
I've uninstalled and tried to reinstall it, without success, I get an error code (0x80070091).
Could anyone help me and tell me I can do?
Thank you very much.
A greeting.

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One thing you can do is try to undo the changes that have caused the problem, surely any updates. For this you can go to:
Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ Recovery \ Open System Restore
and follow the wizard to return to a previous restore point where you did not have that problem.

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I'm glad you solved the problem, greetings and thanks for the compliment;-)
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Thank you very much for your quick response. I did and gave me as if there was an error in (c); I followed the directions and seem to have repaired. It has restarted and I've installed without problems.

Thank you very much. You're a crack. I'm in a while and I think helps a lot of people around here.

I said. Thanks again and best regards.
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