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How to solve the Error 1671 when updating or restoring iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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What to do if an error 1671?
ITunes Error 1671 occurs if you do not check the file system is disabled firmware. If you want to eliminate it, the procedure is recommended to jailbreak your device. If you need to install custom firmware to iOS 8/9, then, when you get an error 1671 iTunes, you will need to use PWNed DFU. Guide to the use of tools is not so difficult to find.
Same problem.  Tried to restore on several different updated Macs with antivirus disabled.  No success.  Then I tried using a different cord and now it's restoring and updating.  I didn't think that could be the problem since it was a new iPhone 6 with the new cord from the box.  Worked for me.
I just used a different sync cable and its worked
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The error 1671 may appear on our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in certain circumstances at the time of making a software update via iTunes. Updates or restorations generally do not generate errors, but may appear in some cases.

The most common is that the error 1671 displayed by problems related to the software installed on the computer, but there are some sections that can affect hardware. Along these lines we will see the most likely causes and how to solve them to continue normally work with our devices.


Common causes of error code 1671 iTunes

The five most common causes of error code 1671 iTunes are:

  • Incompatible version of iTunes, usually for lack of renovation.
  • Old operating system.
  • Antivirus without updating or infected by viruses.
  • Too many USB controllers connected to the computer.
  • iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch connected via a USB HUB too slow.

Common solutions for error 1671 iTunes

Now that we know what are the most common reasons that iTunes displays this error, it's time to see possible solutions to it:

  • Update iTunes to the latest version to ensure that it is compatible with the version of IOS and the iDevice with which we are working.
  • Update the antivirus and run a full system scan for infections.
  • Install the latest version of the computer operating system.
  • Connect the iPhone or iPod Touch to a high-speed USB port (USB 2.0 or higher).

In most cases, review these five points can solve this problem and end with error 1671. Best of all is that they are points that virtually any regular computer user can follow and in most cases solve the problem.

I have a iphone 6 and when i update it it stuck on itunes logo i connected my iphone with windows 10 and the error 1671       
Sorry for weak english
Didn't solve my problem
thats the same thing as my customer so we are updating iTunes now
None of these solutions worked for me. IPhone 4s, Windows 7.
Click "Reset Settings," and the iPhone 5s has blocked me, a black screen with the logo of Appel and a line appearing below.
That I can do to get it working again. I've already tried with the button "Sleep / Wake" button and the "start", pressing them both at once, and nothing, it does not unlock.
Thanks in advance for information.
This bar should indicate the progress of the restoration. If not moving after a reasonable time, connect it to iTunes and try to restore from the computer.
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I tried several different things to fix error 1671. It finally worked once I switched the USB cord from a generic cord to an Apple one.
Had to run the process 6-7 times for my IPad 2 before it finally did work. A bit of patience is also required I reckon.
I'm glad I found this!! I was using a different brand USB that wasn't apple and it would not fix the problem. So weird how they are the exact same thing but it won't work unless its actually apple.  Did apple install a chip in their USBs that makes it not work well if you use another brand?
I also had to use an Apple cord to get it to work
Yes, this worked for me too. Changed the cable and now my phone is restored. Thanks!
OMG, can't believe this worked. I have had problems with the last 2 updates and then again today. Tried changing the cable and it worked like a charm on my iPhone 6s+.
i forgot to enter my passcode on the iphone
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The following fixed the iPad error 1671.

So you see the itunes logo on the ipad and when connected it and tried to restore it you got 1671?

Try to restore the ipad in DFU Mode:

Step 1: Turn off your iPod touch / iPhone completely and connect to PC / mac

Step 2: Hold down the Power button for 3 seconds

Step 3: Without releasing the power button, also hold the Home button for 10 seconds

Step 4: Without releasing the home button, release the power button and keep holding the Home button for 20 seconds.

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